Features & Benefits

An intuitive in-market solution

Displai is a ready-to-go platform that is ideal for creative teams to use. It’s simple to setup, instantly available, and easily accessible through a browser. And it requires no new skills or tech know-how to use.

Value across the entire customer journey

Displai’s platform allows you to integrate creative campaigns across the entire customer journey, delivering content from products, packaging, and print materials – all potential digital touchpoints. This includes brand awareness, product activation, consumer engagement, lead generation and sales, and customer insights.

Displai Platform

Seamless integration with existing products

Displai is built to integrate seamlessly with existing products and print materials. Our platform uses cutting-edge image recognition technology to identify physical items, and activate virtual experiences. Once the system has learnt to recognize one item, it will instantly recognize all identical items.

Image recognition powers instant access

This means that your new augmented reality experiences can be applied to your existing products with ease. It doesn’t matter if they’re already on store shelves or in customers’ hands, they’re all ready to be brought to life through the Displai app. With no additional costs or production delays, you can create powerful AR campaigns that immediately engage your customers and drive sales.

Smartphone App

Delivering a best-in-class hyper-realistic experience

Consumers use the Free Smartphone App to scan products, and activate virtual experiences. The high-performance app meticulously tracks virtual content to physical objects, which delivers a hyper-realistic experience.

The app is user-friendly and customers can easily engage with products and print materials.

Best-in-class performance

  • Image recognition to identify physical objects
  • Meticulous tracking for hyper-realistic displays
  • Navigation through virtual content
  • Interaction between digital and physical

Rich, interactive experiences

Create captivating experiences that consumers can’t wait to try, and then eagerly share with friends.

Displai provides the framework to create a channel from every product, telling your story 24/7

  • Up to 5 unique scenes
  • Online brand channels
  • Inbuilt social media sharing
  • Call-to-action buttons linking t0 your chosen URLs
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Ar Scene Templates

Displai’s utilizes a template system to fuse digital content with physical objects, thus eliminating the need to code. The process is simple – you choose scene templates, upload your creative content and then hit GO!

Content Overlays

Add content directly from the surface of a physical object, to seamlessly overlay the existing design.

Animated Packaging

Add a standard animation file to deliver a jaw-dropping moment as the design comes to life.


Speak directly to consumers with an AR hologram that appears from within product packaging, or from print items.

Social Wall

A fun, interactive scene to draw attention to your brand and drive social activity.

Interactive Games

Fun social activities where digital content and a physical objects acting as one.


A useful promotional display with linkable call to action

Simple Operation

Displai has been designed to have a user-friendly and intuitive interface that operates entirely through a browser-based system. With no technical expertise required, the platform provides a straightforward and easy-to-use solution for creative teams to get started and immediately create engaging and compelling augmented reality experiences.


No-code platform

Content Templates

Multimedia Content

Instant Activation

Update at anytime

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