Displai helps you make powerful virtual experiences, simple.

Displai’s platform simplifies AR, enabling creative teams to produce virtual experiences – quickly, easily, and at scale.

How it works

An intuitive, browser-based platform

The intuitive, no-code platform makes it easy for marketing teams to create rich, virtual experiences without the need for new skills or technical know-how. The unique technology connects digital media with physical products, using augmented reality.


Add physical objects effortlessly

To add real world objects to the platform, simply upload an image file through a browser. That’s it! We’ll do the rest. Displai is compatible with most standard shaped packaging. You can connect any of these

  • Box-shaped objects, used for most packaging
  • Cylinder-shaped objects, such as bottles and cans
  • Flat items, like posters, and point-of-sale materials


Upload digital content easily

Create a virtual experience with content templates, then add video, images, text, and links to suit. The platform does the rest – cleverly fusing your digital content and physical object, ready to be activated.

  • Choose content templates
  • Upload multimedia content to suit
  • Add calls-to-actions with live links

Scan items to activate virtual experiences

Consumers scan items with Displai’s free smartphone app, instantly activating the stunning augmented reality interface, and opening up the virtual experience to explore, immersing themselves in your brand’s story and message.

Track Results, improve Performances

Gain unique customer insights from Displai’s intuitive reporting dashboard. Quickly gain an overview of user activity or drill down into the data, to gain deeper insights and track campaign performance.

Change your virtual experience anytime, by adding or editing content through platform. Hit save, to instantly update everywhere.

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A ready made solution that simplifies new technology

Simple setup

Follow quick and simple steps to get started immediately

Easy browser management

Access the user-friendly interface for an effortless experience

Rapid implementation

Launch in the space of a few days, without missing a beat

Seamless product integration

Connect existing products as easily as new ones for convenience

No-code solution

No coding skills are needed to utilize the Displai platform.

Accessible Now

It’s a ready system. If you’re ready you can start today

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