A turnkey solution to connect virtual experiences, easily

Displai’s end-to-end system enables marketing teams to connect digital content to real-world products, powering  smartphone-activated virtual experiences

Powerful Features

Simple Setup
Seamless Integration

An intuitive browser-based system to manage simply

Your virtual experiences are setup and managed through the intuitive platform.  You don’t need any special skills or technical know-how – you simply log in via a browser, and everything you need is there on the dashboard, or you can dive deeper to check performance with the built in analytics.


Add to existing items seamlessly

Bring existing products, packaging and print items to life - without the need for new printing or special codes

Connect physical objects, effortlessly

simply upload an image file through a browser. That’s it! – we do the rest.

Create virtual experiences, easily

A guided framework with prefabricated scenes and multimedia content

A no-code system to produce powerful, engaging experiences

Displai provides the framework for marketers to produce stunning, content rich experiences.  With multiple layers of content, displayed in many ways, and linking to lead the journey.

  • Utilizes pre-fabricated layouts
  • Requires multimedia content – video, images, text, links
  • Includes interactive features, and linkable calls-to-action

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Scan items to activate virtual experiences

Consumers scan items with Displai’s free smartphone app, instantly activating the stunning augmented reality interface, and opening up the virtual experience to explore, immersing themselves in your brand’s story and message.


A ready made solution that simplifies new technology

Simple setup

Follow quick and simple steps to get started immediately

Easy browser management

Access the user-friendly interface for an effortless experience

Rapid implementation

Launch in the space of a few days, without missing a beat

Seamless product integration

Connect existing products as easily as new ones for convenience

No-code solution

No coding skills are needed to utilize the Displai platform.

Accessible Now

It’s a ready system. If you’re ready you can start today

Demo on-Demand

No waiting. Watch it right now.