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Augmented reality powers potential new consumer channel

A ground-breaking concept to transform regular product packaging into video-enabled interactive packaging, is opening the doors for brands to engage consumers from every product.

The platform, called Displai, uses augmented reality and smartphone technology to activate a hyper-realistic experience, where product packaging seemingly comes to life before consumers’ eyes.

A demonstration can be viewed on the website.

According to the Dave Chaffey, from Displai, the ground-breaking platform offers product marketers and packaging specialists an exciting new way to engage consumers.

“We’re thrilled to launch Displai – it’s an exciting opportunity for brands to engage their customers directly from product packaging.”


Smartphone users scan product packaging, activating an augmented reality experience which seamlessly overlays video content, animation, images, and clickable links, as if part of the packaging.

The concept is like Facebook filters, which enables users to change the appearance of their faces, overlaying an augmented reality mask.

“It’s an absolute showstopper for consumers, “said Chaffey, “it’s such a compelling experience – the product they’re holding in their hands comes to life. Jaws literally drop.”

“It enables brands to create connected experiences that cut-through – that is, that get more people noticing, trying, and buying products.  And ultimately, it helps build engagement and deeper connection – the foundations of great brands.”


Whilst augmented reality has been around for a few years, the exciting technology has largely been out of reach for most businesses.

“We believe that this is the first truly accessible solution for product packaging,” said Chaffey,” the platform makes it simple for brands to connect virtual experiences to their products.”

“It can be setup and activated across millions of products in days and will even work with the products currently in the supermarkets and sitting on kitchen shelves in homes.”

Key Points

  • Displai enables brands to engage consumers via product packaging
  • The technology integrates with existing products simply, quickly, and at scale
  • A smartphone app delivers immersive experiences activated by smartphone
  • Virtual experiences can be created without the need for any technical skills

Displai is the second platform for parent company – Immertia, following the successful release of Swigr, a similar concept for the alcoholic beverages industry.

The commercial applications are wide-reaching, and the platform is currently attracting interest from

  • packaging manufacturers
  • marketing agencies
  • product owners
  • print companies

More information is available from Displai website –

Animated product packaging increase consumer engagement
Video-enabled product experiences build closer connections with consumers

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