A channel to engage a new generation of consumers

A powerful turnkey solution for creatives to harness augmented reality, simply. And an unprecedented opportunity to transform every product, packaging, and print item into a digital touchpoint.

Captivating experiences that command attention

Bring products, packaging and print to life cleverly, instantly, and easily.

Create striking branded experiences that that cut-through – that is, that get more people noticing, trying, and buying products.

A powerful tool to build a deeper connection

Displai is for brands to deliver engaging moments that consumers want to experience – seeing, interacting and sharing – a new way for consumers to stay close to the brands they love.

  • One-on-one connection
  • Distraction-free engagement
  • Brand-powered content
  • Global reach, instantly

Connecting with a new generation

Displai enables brands to offer unique experiences that connect with a new generation on their terms.

Smartphone Driven

Discovered experiences

Authentic content

Web 3.0 facing

Socially connected

Accessible 24/7

Ride the augmented reality wave

Take advantage of augmented reality (AR) – a hot technology that’s powering into the mainstream – exciting consumers, enhancing experiences, driving brand engagement, and increasing revenues.


"By 2025, nearly 75% of the global population will be frequent AR users."
Snapchat Global AR Report 2021


"94% increase in conversion rate from interactive AR experiences"
Harvard Business Review, 2021


Social channels driving adoption. 82% discover AR from social channels.
Deloitte, AR Outlook 2021

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