Why Displai?

A new channel to engage consumers

Displai delivers an exciting new way to connect with today’s consumers, on their terms. By offering unique, immersive experiences that are activated directly from their products, brands can engage consumers in ways that other marketing channels simply cannot.

Powerful Benefits
Unique Outcomes

Captivating experiences
that command attention

Bring products, packaging, and print to life with Displai’s powerful AR capabilities. Create striking branded experiences that cut-through – that is, that get more people noticing, trying, and buying products.

Engaging moments that
build deeper connections

Displai gives brands the opportunity to engage consumers in a way that is meaningful and authentic. By offering unique experiences that are easily accessible on smartphones, brands can create closer connections with their customers and drive loyalty.

  • One-on-one connection
  • Distraction-free engagement

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Connect with
a new generation

Displai meets the needs of a new generation of consumers who value unique experiences, discovery, authenticity, and social connectivity. By offering immersive AR experiences that are easily accessed on smartphones, Displai helps brands connect with these consumers on their terms.

Smartphone Driven

Discovered experiences

Authentic content

Web 3.0 facing

Socially connected

Accessible 24/7

Ride the augmented reality wave

Take advantage of augmented reality (AR) – a hot technology that’s powering into the mainstream – exciting consumers, enhancing experiences, driving brand engagement, and increasing revenues.


"By 2025, nearly 75% of the global population will be frequent AR users."
Snapchat Global AR Report 2021


"94% increase in conversion rate from interactive AR experiences"
Harvard Business Review, 2021


Social channels driving adoption. 82% discover AR from social channels.
Deloitte, AR Outlook 2021

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