per item / per month

Key Features

  • Connect one physical object
  • Use the easy no-code system
  • Virtually link to your online channels
  • Allow purchasing with buy now button
  • Add up to 5 virtual scenes
  • Access wide set of templates
  • Allocation of 10,000 scans per month
  • Unlimited content changes
  • Detailed analytics reporting
  • Email support

*pricing is in US dollars


Enterprise Enquiries

For organizations that work with a large number of international and national brands and need access, control, and support on a bigger scale, let’s start the conversation here.

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“In my 20 years as a marketing professional this is only the second time that I’ve thought, yep, this is going to be a game changer.”

Name withheld on requestDigital Marketing Professional

Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone signup for a Displai™ account?

Displai™ is available to everyone. Anyone can sign up to connect virtual experiences from products, packaging, and print materials.

Branded products, packaging and print collateral will only be accepted with the express written authorization of the designated brand.

What are the setup costs?

New accounts are charged a one-off establishment fee of $US400.

Setup and connection of a new item to the virtual network is managed at this end and takes 72 hours. There is no additional charge to connect a new item.

Does the monthly plan cover everything?

You pay a monthly fee of $US99 which covers everything up to a maximum limit of 10,000 scans per month. Beyond this this level, additional charges are incurred at a rate of $0.01 per scan.

How many items can I add?

A standard plan enables you to add one item. You can connect as many physical objects as you like, with each additional item from $99 / month.

Can I pause, or switch off?

Yes, you’ll have to let us know in writing to go completely offline or if you want to pause temporarily.

Is there a Free Trial?

A free 30-day trial is available, by invitation. If you would like to request a free trial, please visit this page, and complete the application process.

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If you’d like to trial augmented reality from your own product, you can request a free trial to see how it works, and trial yourself.

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