Create next-level consumer experiences

Displai is a ground-breaking platform that uses augmented reality, AI, and smartphone technology to bring products to life

A game-changing concept powering a new way to engage

Introducing Displai, a ground-breaking technology that transforms product packaging into immersive, brand-driven experiences, that consumers activate with their smartphones.

Companies use Displai to create compelling moments that drive consumer engagement and build closer connections between consumers and brands.

Turn products into digital touchpoints

The first-of-its-kind platform transforms products into digital touchpoints, always connected, and ready to spring to life instantly.

The technology seamlessly integrates with existing products, which means you can quickly turn your entire product range into a small army of virtual brand ambassadors, out there telling your story, making new connections, building your brand 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Drive value at every stage of the consumer journey

Deliver unique experiences that captivate customers and drive social media attention. Connect at every stage of the consumer journey with a unique experience that builds the brand story and offers consumers value that goes beyond the product.

The breakout technology of 2023, as seen in

“The technology they are bringing to the market is just phenomenal. The feedback was just wow! what next?”

Global Innovations Team

Bayer Pharmaceuticals, Switzerland

Industry Opportunities

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Marketing Agencies & Creative Teams

Create new ways to attract consumers, drive engagement and deliver value for clients

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Retail  & Consumer Packaged Goods

Develop regular products into communication channels, ready to engage consumers 24/7

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Packaging Companies & Print Professionals

Harness new technology to bring products and print to life, adding value for all stakeholders

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