Virtually made for Brands

On-product and print-originated virtual experiences

Create a Closer Connection

A Scale-Ready Solution and a New Way to Connect

Displai’s end-to-end solution is a powerful tool for brands to connect with their customers, virtually through their products, packaging and print materials.

Add virtual experiences to entire product lines, easily, to lift awareness, drive consumer engagement and build closer connections with customers.

Enhance Product Experiences

Drive Marketing and Sales Actions

Extend and Engage the Brand Story

Displai Transforms Products into Digital Touchpoints

In a short time, your entire range can be connected. And every product is ready to be activated 24/7 – springing to life to tell your story, to form new connections, and bring people closer to the brand,

A Clever Technology, Ideally Suited for Brands

Introduce new technology, without any barriers, costs, or concerns. Displai was created by an agency-originated team, so that agencies, could fuse their creative content with physical objects, with no more than a press of a button. And that is what’s delivered.

Uniquely Differentiates

A unique experience to set your brand apart from the competition

Commands Attention

Captivating visuals are keenly shared on and offline

Creates a Connection

The experience conveys brand attributes that labels cannot

Instant and Accessible

An on-product channel that’s ready to start now

In my fifteen years in digital marketing, this is only the second time that I’ve thought, ‘Yep, this is going to be a game-changer’. It has the Wow -actor in spades

Marie Breguet

Digital Marketing Specialist & Owner of Feed Digital

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Implementing Displai

Displai’s technology is easily implemented regardless of the size of your brand.

Many large brands prefer to work with their existing creative agency to develop their virtual experiences. We thoroughly encourage this approach, even if your agency is not familiar with Displai – it’s an intuitive platform that’s easy for agency teams to operate.

Smaller brands sometimes prefer to create and manage their virtual experiences in-house, which is absolutely fine, and offers a quick and convenient way to get started.

Other options. If you’re stuck for a solution drop us a line. We might be able to put you on touch with a marketing team in your area, or if not, we can put you in touch with the team that create all of our virtual experiences.

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