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Revolutionizing Packaging and Print

A Ready Technology to Enhance Your Solutions

Displai’s augmented reality platform offers a unique opportunity for packaging, labelling, and print companies to introduce enhanced solutions, that take packaging and print to new levels.

Displai powers unique, interactive experiences that seamlessly integrate with existing packaging  increase engagement and build deeper connections with target audiences.

A Clever Connection to Differentiate your Offer

Help your clients to stand out from the competition.  Displai powers unique, interactive experiences that seamlessly integrate with existing packaging to increase engagement and build deeper connections with target audiences.

Boost Client Satisfaction

Stay Ahead of the Competition

Generate New Business Interest

New Revenue Opportunities

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Be a First Mover in a Big Market

Augmented reality is a transformational technology. Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple has stated on a few occasions that its impact on the world will be as profound as the internet itself.  And currently, it’s in the early adoption stage, as it rapidly moves towards the mainstream.

Displai provides an opportunity for you to capture the early advantage – powering superior outcomes for your clients and contributing tangible returns to your bottom line.  The opportunity:

Rapid Growth 

Forecasts of 50% annual growth till at least 2030

Limitless Applications

Add virtual experiences to existing products, packaging, and print

High Client Uptake

Client uptake is expected to be high on the compelling use cases and the elimination of barriers

An Open Opportunity

Presently, this is an unchartered opportunity, akin to the introduction of websites in 1990’s

Partner with Displai

Offer on-product virtual experiences to your clients. You’ll be adding value for your clients and you’ll be introducing an exciting new concept that gets people talking, about your clients, and about you.

We want you to be able to offer Displai to all your customers, without having to worry about the finer details of the product or be involved in the implementation of the technology.

Preferred Partner Program

To simplify the process, we’ve introduced our Preferred Partner Program which is a great opportunity to get started with Displai, while delivering a range of attractive benefits along the way.

We can’t publish the details on the website, but you can request information below.

  • Preferential Introduction of Displai for your clients
  • Lucrative new revenue opportunities
  • Published Preferential Status on the Displai website

It’s free to join, and you can leave any time.

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